kab Architekten - Fellbach München Shanghai



________ New logistics centre

The requirements:
Large, high, functional and able to withstand stress.

The aim:
Increase the storage capacity

Die Lösung:
Large, high, functional and able to withstand stress – and modern, radiant, image forming, inviting
Our aim was to combine a pleasant appearance with utility and functionality. A slim steel structure with a cubic expression fitted with translucent polycarbonate plates which illuminate the cube pleasantly on the inside and outside and at the same time provide highly efficient heat insulation.

The special challenge:
Providing a new shell for this cube on built-up, operative premises from the 1950s.
In the expansion stage the whole complex is covered by a double-aisle hall structure each spanning over 46 m. The first two axes are currently under construction.

The basic data:
GTA 2,152 m², GRC: 22,860 m³, UA 8,500 m²
Service phases kab 1–9