kab Architekten - Fellbach München Shanghai



________ New building/sanitation

The requirements:
Creating an 11-storey single tower with high independence in Stuttgart’s city centre with the integration of buildings under preservation order.

The aim:
Harmonic integration of office space, private clinic, shops and restaurants in a flexible complex.

The solution:
Vertical dominant corner facade with 11 stories and a structural glazing facade which offers a distinctive edge and separation from the surroundings. Horizontally and vertically distinctive yet integrated into the environment. The numerous transverse and high buildings stand out and at the same time frame the building as a whole

The basic data:
Planning 1995-1996, implementation 1997-2001
GTA: 24,500 m², GRC: 93,000 m³, UA: 18,500 m²
Service phases kab 1-9