kab Architekten - Fellbach München Shanghai


________ New head office building

The requirements:
Creation of a representative and creative working environment.

The aim:
Adopting the corporate philosophy and implementing an ecological climate concept.

The solution:
Combination of innovative design which reflects the corporate philosophy in round, harmonic forms – in combination with a modular office organisation. The building shell was energy optimised by highly insulated outside walls, tinted glazing and outside sun blinds. Artificial air conditioning can therefore be largely dispensed with. The natural, intelligent ventilation concept is supported by night cooling and plants with small leaves for additional evaporation cooling.
A concept which proves positive nowadays in the reduction of energy costs and CO2 saving.

The basic data: 
Planning 1994, implementation 1995-1996
GTA: 1,700 m², GRC 7,100 m³, UA: 1,300 m²
Service phases kab 1–9, GP