kab Architekten - Fellbach München Shanghai


Production sites in Sindelfingen

________ New production/office building

The requirements:
Creation of a representative appearance. Extension and modernisation of the production building.

The aim:
Modern architecture with distinctive formal languages. Integration of the existing building.

The solution:
A vision planning revealed a new building with the appropriate extension possibilities and the latest standards to be the more efficient and economical solution in the long-term. Division of space based on the latest knowledge, routes and material flow are optimised in terms of process and organisation by the parallel arrangement of the building complexes. The building’s ceiling swings elegantly upwards giving the complex its dynamism and lightness.

The basic data:
Planning 2003, implementation 2004-2005
GTA: 2,500 m², GRC 9,800 m³, UA: 1,700 m²
Service phases kab 1-9, general planner