kab Architekten - Fellbach München Shanghai

“Planning the future is the best way to predict it.”

________ The high art between wanting and having or plan and reality.
Perfect planning is the basis for certain implementation. The most important prerequisites are creativity and ideas, lots of experience and even more professional competence. Because ignorance, overconfidence or lack of experience with regard to the feasibility, sources of error and risks usually bring considerable problems of costs and implementation at once. This is where the experience of the kab architects from about 50 years of successful architecture comes in. Enabling us to plan and implement prophetically but still bindingly on a sound foundation and to do the preliminary work for our building sponsors, wherever possible, leaving them free for other tasks.

Of course we also cover the classic HOAI range of services in addition to all our visions, creations and ideas, for all eventualities so to speak and for a safe road from the original idea to the last screw.

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